Unlock your inner healing and vitality

Unlock your inner healing and vitality

Unlock your inner healing and vitalityUnlock your inner healing and vitalityUnlock your inner healing and vitality

colonic implants


A colonic implant is a substance that is inserted in the colon at the end of a colon hydrotherapy treatment and left there for 5-10 minutes to be quickly absorbed. The colon's blood supply is abundant and intricate which allows the implant's beneficial properties to quickly enter and circulate the blood stream, feeding every organ tissue and cell. 

Because the digestion process and the highly acidic stomach juice is bypassed, having an implant is much more effective than taking a substance orally, and allows your to attain greater health benefits.  


Chlorophyll implant is an inexpensive add-on that has great benefits for your body. It is a powerful alkalizer and detoxifying agent when used as a colonic implant. 

It oxygenates, alkalizes, and detoxifies the blood, and helps regenerate tissue on a cellular level. Chlorophyll helps increase hemoglobin - a molecule that carries oxygen to cells and is a great addition to boost your colonic detox treatment benefits if you suffer from low iron or are a smoker. 

Because chlorophyll is a strong alkalizer, it combats inflammation in the body and can benefit those with inflammatory conditions and joint pain. 

Due to it's blood cleaning and cellular detoxification properties, it can help alleviate strong body odor and skin conditions such as acne or eczema. It is also proven to bind and remove heavy metals, which are one of the hardest things to detox out of our bodies. 

We say it's absolutely worth it!  


Have your taken antibiotics recently or other strong medications? Do you suffer from UTI or Yeast Infections often or crave sugary treats and carbs all the time?  Do you suffer from IBS or another digestive disorder? 

Even if you don't, getting a probiotic implant at the end of your colonic treatment is the best way to populate your gut and colon with healthy bacteria that are necessary for many important functions in the body. 

The immune system resides predominantly in the gut, and probiotic implants can help boost it's function, helping you kick that cold to the curb and also help decrease instances of being sick this winter. 

At Key Detox we only use the highest quality probiotic for implants, which is 80 billion of colon and gut-specific certified live bacteria. 

At Key Detox we don't believe in cutting corners at the expense of our clients. We provide only the best quality of service and products to ensure your get the health benefits you pay for.


Don't wait, start your probiotic implants and boost your body's natural resilience and healing.