Unlock your inner healing and vitality

Unlock your inner healing and vitality

Unlock your inner healing and vitalityUnlock your inner healing and vitalityUnlock your inner healing and vitality
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the colon hydrotherapy procedure painful? 

A: No the procedure is not painful and most patients report little, if any discomfort. You may feel a slight discomfort during the insertion of the speculum. For your comfort and dignity, you will have full control of this process. It will only be a couple seconds.   

Is there a risk of puncturing my colon?

A: There is virtually no risk of puncturing the colon. The speculum is inserted only 1-2 inches inside the rectum - while it can safely accommodate more than double that length. The speculum cannot be inserted too far as it is not big enough. The speculum kits and all equipment we use is safety certified not only in Canada, but also Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. It is the same equipment used in hospitals. You therapist is extensively trained to perform this procedure safely and assess any possible contraindications that may make it unsafe to have a colonic detox treatment.

Is the water pressure regulated?

A: Yes, he water pressure can never exceed the standard safe limit of 2 psi. Our hydrotherapy machine is certified globally for safety and cannot operate at any higher pressure than the safe limit. The therapist will lower and increase the flow of water during your treatment, but pressure will never exceed the safety standard - our machine has a pressure meter and  auto-stop feature, giving you an extra safety measure and peace of mind.  

Can I get a colonic detox hydrotherapy treatment during my period? 

A: Yes, absolutely, but you must wear a tampon instead of a pad. We keep tampons on hand, so if you forget, don't worry - we've got you. 

I can do an enema at home. Why should I get colon hydrotherapy? 

A: Taking an enema at home is something we greatly encourage, however the two are essentially different. An enema has about 2 liters of water and only reaches  up to the transverse colon (the horizontal part of the colon running across your belly), while a normal colonic infuses 30-40 liters of water reaching all the way to the cecum (the end of the colon where the small intestines meet and the area where parasites thrive). A colon hydrotherapy treatment provides a deep detox and empties the entire colon. That's why it is suitable and recommended before colonoscopy. Furthermore, most people use tap water in an enema which is counterproductive and introduces fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals from tap water into the colon and the rest of the body. At Key Detox, we use the same closed-system equipment used by medical professionals around the world, that has 3 stages of filtration, UV light disinfection and temperature control for your comfort. It makes no mess, emits zero odour and is the most effective method of detoxing your colon. 

Can I use colon hydrotherapy before my colonoscopy or similar procedure instead of the laxative liquid.

A: Yes because colon hydrotherapy does the exact same job without drinking chemicals that cause bloating, pain and urgent bowel movements till your colon is empty. You do not need to stay home or plan for a nearby toilet if you get a colonic. Within one hour you have accomplished your preparation for the procedure without pain, without chemicals that strongly irritate your intestinal and colonic lining, and can carry on with your day without hassle. Please note that if you are severely constipated and have a lot of impacted matter, one treatment may be insufficient to clear your colon completely. 

Are over the counter laxative pills and herbs bad? 

A: No they are neither bad nor dangerous if only taken occasionally, but it is an ineffective method of dealing with long-term constipation. You may have noticed already that if taken regularly, they seem to stop working and you need to increase the dose. Laxatives, herbal or chemical, work by irritating the colon to make it have peristaltic action. Colon hydrotherapy stimulates peristaltic action by filling and releasing water. Over time, the colon's muscles become more toned (just like when you exercise any other muscle in your body) which translates to naturally stronger bowel movements and bigger elimination. Colonics also remove old buildup along the colon's walls, something laxatives are unable to do. If you are interested to see what buildup looks like, you may search google for images of mucoid plaque. 

Why is this clinic only for women? I want to bring my significant other. Is it possible?

A: Unfortunately it's not possible. Key Detox is a women's clinic which focuses on women's well being. Receiving a great colonic is only possible if the client and the therapist are both comfortable. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for women to ask their most intimate questions and speak about their private health issues with women therapists who are educated in these issues. To ensure we provide the highest comfort level for our clients, and that of the therapists, we only accept female clients. 

Do you have a naturopathic doctor on staff?  

A: We currently do not have a naturopathic doctor on our staff, but will refer you to our partner naturopathic doctor (located just a few doors down) if you request the services of a naturopath or the therapist recommends any tests to be done such as a stool test, allergy test, or mineral analysis test.

Are your services covered by insurance? 

A: Some extended insurance providers cover natural medicine therapies. Please check with your provider. Colon hydrotherapy is currently not covered by OHIP. 

What should I wear to my appointment? 

A: You will be asked to remove your clothing from the waist down only, so please wear an outfit where the bottom can easily be removed and you will be comfortable. We don't recommend wearing a dress or any one-piece outfit. 

I read that colon therapy washes out all the good bacteria I need in my gut

A: The purpose of colon therapy is to remove the stagnant and toxic waste stuck to the colons walls. More than likely, you're coming to see us because you want to alleviate symptoms of toxicity and poor elimination. Having these symptoms means your colon isn't in the best of health and is populated by the pathogenic bacteria that thrive in an unclean environment. Good bacterial colonies need a clean environment to thrive and the proper pH level. Colon therapy will help create the clean environment and remove the bad guys who've taken over. You will receive a probiotic pill at the end of your treatment to promote good bacterial colonies. You also have the option of having a probiotic colonic implant of 80 billion guaranteed live bacteria with strains specific to colon and gut health for only 20 dollars. 

I have a contraindication, can I still get the treatment? 

A: It depends on what the contraindication is. Some conditions are only contraindicated if they are currently flared up, such as diverticulitis or hemorrhoids. Please see the contraindications page under the "disclaimer" section.

Closed VS Open System

At Key Detox & Colonics, we use the best, safest and most efficient method of providing colon hydrotherapy. 

This method is called the closed-system whereby the water enters and exists through disposable pipes that are connected to a speculum that stays in the rectum during the treatment.

In an open system, the client sits or lies onto a device and a through a nozzle, water flows into the colon. When eliminating, the dirty water and gasses are released from the bowels exactly like when sitting on the toilet. Needless to say, the open system will fill the room and your nose with bad odor from feces and gas. The dirty water also can splatter onto your exposed behind which is unsanitary. The "therapists" operating such a service do not stay with you inside the room and tailor the treatment to your needs, and you usually do not get a belly massage during the treatment to help dislodge obstructions. At most you can ring a bell to ask the therapist to come into the smelly room while you're passing gas and dirty water, which is uncomfortable for both.

With the closed system, there is absolutely no odor, no sounds, no dirty water touching your body, no embarrassment or discomfort to either the client or the therapist. The therapist never leaves your side during the entire treatment. The therapist is fully trained and certified in colon hydrotherapy and is trained to do a special massage on your belly to help elimination. They monitor you and help you relax. In case you are feeling unwell, the therapist knows what to do and is there for you. Most importantly, while you are eliminating, the therapist can see the release through a special lighted tube inside the machine and will be able to tell you details about your health. 

The entire treatment is tailored to you and your unique needs. The entire treatment is 100% sanitary, safe, and comfortable for the client. At Key Detox, you can rest assured, the therapists are trained and certified in colon hydrotherapy and have a high level of education and knowledge about holistic health and the various detoxification and cellular regeneration schools of thought.  

We welcome you to come to Key Detox and experience it for yourself.