Unlock your inner healing and vitality

Unlock your inner healing and vitality

Unlock your inner healing and vitalityUnlock your inner healing and vitalityUnlock your inner healing and vitality

Women's clinic for colon hydrotherapy

Why Detox



Welcome to Key Detox & Colonics!

Key Detox is a female owned and operated business, aiming to provide the tools to empower women to look and feel their best.


If you've landed on this pages, chances are you are interested in learning more about how colon cleansing and internal detox can make a positive impact on your body's health and well being.


Think of it this way - Our entire lives we've eaten cooked and processed food, breathed in polluted air, slathered on chemical filled cosmetics and lotions onto our skin, unwittingly consumed an abundance of pesticides from fruits and vegetables, and drank unfiltered water. 

Naturally we eliminate waste and toxins through the bowel movement, perspiration, urine, and every exhale we take. As the years and decades pass and we consume more and more harmful substances daily, elimination becomes sluggish, the liver and colon become congested from storing the toxic load they could not manage to eliminate. Over time, these harmful substances accumulate inside the body and silently poison us from within, lower our defenses and give way to a number of chronic conditions and diseases. 

Detoxing the colon and liver regularly, and making positive nutrition and lifestyle changes can prevent many health ailments from manifesting, and alleviate the symptoms you are suffering from now.  

At Key Detox, we understand that detoxing really is the master key to maintaining youth, vigor and a healthy body and mind.

Colonic Detox Hydrotherapy



AKA colon hydrotherapy, colon irrigation, internal cleansing, or simply put, a colonic. 

Whatever you may choose to call it, it is the procedure of filling and releasing water into the colon with the purpose of softening accumulated toxic fecal build-up, mucoid plaque, parasites, undigested putrid food particles, pathogens and expelling them from the body.


To do this with the utmost comfort, cleanliness and privacy for you, we are trained to provide the industry's highest standard of service with the most modern equipment available today.

The AQUANET APS-100 is a closed system machine that gently introduces triple filtered, ozonated water into the colon via a fully disposable speculum kit. Both the machine and the disposable kit are fully Health Canada, FDA and CE certified and approved. for your safety and is the same equipment used in hospitals and other medical settings.

Our colonic detox therapists are certified by the Canadian School of Colon Hydrotherapy and are members of good standing in the Canadian Association of Colon Hydrotherapy. 

The therapists at Key Detox bring extensive experience and education in this modality, which allows us to guide you and assist you to unlock your inner healing and achieve your desired goals, no matter if they are long or short term in nature.


Our client's success stories reflect our ability to, time after time, help people like you improve  their health and well-being and achieve a higher level of life satisfaction.

At Key Detox, our internal detox therapists understand the journey to finding a healthy lifestyle and provide insight  into the many challenges one encounters. This enables us to bring a high level of expertise, empathy, respect, and understanding to help you reach your wellness goals and restore balance and health.

It's Nothing New


The practice of colonic detox has been recorded by every major ancient civilization and has been used for the past 5000 years (at least) to restore and maintain health. 

It was a primary form of treatment when somebody got sick. The fathers of medicine, like the famous physician Hippocrates understood the benefits of removing toxic waste from the body as well as taking herbs and eating a predominantly plant-based diet to maintain optimum health. 

During the European golden age 1600-1800s many instances are recorded of the daily use of this treatment in the royal courts. It has been recorded, King Louis XI of France (1423-1483) was relieved of his seizures with regular colonic detox and even had the procedure administered to his dogs. Louis the XIV had thousands of enemas throughout his life and credited daily cleansing for his good health and longevity, while aristocratic ladies swore by colon detox to keep their complexion youthful and clean and their waistline slim.

In more modern times, colonic detox procedures continued to be popular with those seeking to improve their health and vitality. 

The removal of toxins and buildup from the colon and liver was a standard procedure which was administered in every modern hospital, medical clinic and health retreat . It's not until the advent of the chemical-based pharmaceutical industry in the 50's that doctors started prescribing laxatives, pills and potions. It was simply easier and more profitable than administering colonics. 

In the holistic and natural health industries, colonic detox has made serious and steady comeback as a preferred form of treatment for gastro-intestinal issues such as constipation, gas and bloating, candida and parasitic infection, or as an essential part of a healing protocol such as the Gerson protocol.